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The causes of liver cirrhosis

What do you mean by liver cirrhosis treatment in India? It would be a life threatening disorder where potential scarring of the liver occurs. In most cases around 90 % of the liver would be damaged and the dead tissue would have taken over it. This arises due to a recurring damage of liver due to a host of conditions. The chances of viral infection, alcohol use or some form of blockage to the binary system as well.  In certain cases this situation could arise if there would a toxic substance that is found in your liver. Examples are iron or copper in the liver. The scarring tends to take place at a progression level that goes on to damage all the normal liver cells. In most of the situation it could lead to an occurrence of Hepatitis that could be treated. If you find that the offending factor is not taken care of in time, then cirrhosis does occur. It would be very difficult to change the course of the disease in due course of time as well.


The dos and do not’s of the disease


  • First and foremost a detailed examination with a liver specialist would be called for. They would be in a position to figure out the extend of the disease and then formulate a treatment plan.
  • As part of the treatment liver function tests and when you are in the early stage of cirrhosis follow up visits once in 1 to 3 months is necessary. When you are in the advanced stage of the disorder it comes down to 1 to 4 weeks. Based on the severity or the symptom of the disease the physician may prescribe the exact time duration as well.
  • It would be essential that you need to avail a nutritious diet as part of the treatment process. There is a myth surrounding the fact that your liver function would be impaired and this is not the case till the moment you are suffering from jaundice. So there would be no need to avoid any form of fatty food as part of your diet. It would not be unnecessary but in some cases could lead to malnutrition as well.

The don’ts

  • It is forbidden to consume in all types of cirrhosis
  • When cirrhosis does arise to virus it is suggested that you stay away from physical related activity
  • You should not go on to commit the mistake of having forced bed rest and a reasonable degree of mobility would be called for on all counts as well.
  • It would be better to stay away from contract sports during the advanced stages of cirrhosis due to bleeding or clots.
  • Do stay away from sub medication as the liver is already in a sub optimal stage. This could lead to prolonged impact on the liver and the damaged liver may already become a victim as well.

The choice of the surgeon would be a lot important as he can handle complex issues with ease.

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